The ESG-Calculator is designed to measure the weighted average ESG score of investment portfolios consisting of companies from the current RAEX-Europe ESG ranking (
Instructions for using the ESG-Calculator:
1. Choose from the list at least 5 and not more than 25 companies.
2. Determine each company's share in the portfolio. The minimum share of each company should be at least 1%, and the sum of all shares in the portfolio should equal 100%.
3. After clicking the button  "Calculate", you will get the weighted average ESG score of the portfolio, calculated based on the actual ESG ratings of the companies.
The ESG score of the investment portfolio will be shown as an indicator position on a diagram with gradient color scale from red (low level of ESG score) to green (high level of ESG SG score).


The Agency disclaims all liability in connection with any consequences, interpretations, recommendations and other actions directly or indirectly related to the conclusions contained in the Agency’s ESG-Calculator.
Main sources of information for underlying company ESG ratings: internal regulations, policies, and other public sources of information.
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