2nd of August 2023

In the August update of the ESG ranking RAEX-Europe updated the assessment of 28 Russian companies. There have been changes in Group A. There are already 17 participants in this group, but there have been movements in the top lines. Now the list is headed by PJSC Sberbank, which has risen by 47 lines and, having displaced PhosAgro, has taken the leading position.

Since April RAEX has been publishing not only the comprehensive ESG-rating, but also the E, S and G component ratings assigned by the agency based on assessments of corporate practices in the areas of "Environment", "Social Relations" and "Corporate Governance". All four rankings - the comprehensive ESG and components E, S and G - have different leaders. PJSC Sberbank is the leader in terms of social indicators in the area of responsible investment, as well as in terms of the final ESG score.

RAEX continues to update ESG ratings of companies. The Agency may use any available information at the time of the assessment, including non-financial reporting.