1st of November 2023

In the November update of the ESG ranking, RAEX assessed 37 Russian companies. EVRAZ, T Plus and UC Rusal supplemented Group A, which currently has 15 participants, with Sberbank at the top of the list. Significant changes occurred in the position of Inter RAO and Aeroflot - Russian Airlines: the companies increased their rating by 8 and 11 positions.

Mosvodokanal, Inarktika, Etalon Group, Hyperglobus (Globus hypermarket chain), SAMOLET Group of Companies, Internet Solutions (OZON.RU) were included in the list for the first time. This year Inarctica and Etalon Group released their first sustainability report, and Etalon Group's report was comprehensive enough to be immediately included in the BB group. Some companies from the TOP 160 found themselves in the situation of uncertainty. The agency monitors such companies closely and assigns them a temporary rating M (monitored) with the prospect of exclusion from the list of rated companies. UPM Chudovo, Procter & Gamble, Petropavlovsk, Henkel, RusVinyl were excluded from the list due to lack of information for evaluation.

RAEX continues to update ESG ratings of companies. The Agency uses any information available at the time of the assessment, including non-financial reports.

The publication of the next update is scheduled for December 1, 2023.

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