6th of February 2020

RAEX becomes the external reviewer of the first issue of structured green bonds in the CIS.

RAEX-Europe issued a Verifier’s Second Party Opinion for the issuance of green bonds of LLC SFC Rusol 1 (Russia). The assessment confirms the opinion that the Sun Projects 2 LLC Green Bonds Framework (officially named as “The policy in the sphere of green financing”) is credible and impactful, aligned with the four core components of the Green Bond Principles 2018.

The issuance of bonds of LLC SFC Rusol 1 is a precedent for the financial markets of Russia and the CIS.

Firstly, today it is the largest green bond issue amount in the local market. LLC SFC Rusol 1 issues green bonds with a nominal value of 5.7 billion rubles, with a maturity of 10 years on the Moscow Exchange. The proceeds from the release will be used to finance projects related to the production of electricity from renewable sources (mainly solar energy), which will have a positive environmental impact due to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Among the preliminary list of projects: Factory SPP; Industrial construction materials SPP; Samara hydraulic fracturing 2; Staromarievskaya SPP; Kalmyk GRES-1; Volgograd SPP 1; October SPP; Sandy SPP.

Secondly, the issue of bonds of LLC SFC Rusol 1 is also the first issue of structured green bonds in the CIS.