8th of April 2020

RAEX-Europe has introduced a new project: a database of independent ESG reports.

The Agency builds a database of its own independent ESG reports based on the information from companies' corporate sustainability reports, as well as corporate data on the state of the environment, social sphere and corporate governance, in order to provide a deeper understanding of ESG factors. Interested parties will be able to see the significance of the risks associated with the ESG for the analyzed organizations, as well as evaluate the policies and actions undertaken by the company to reduce these risks.

RAEX-Europe creates its database of ESG reports in response to demand from European investors and financial institutions who need a detailed ESG analysis of their portfolio. This database is also suitable for ESG assessment of portfolios of responsible investors in Russia.

Each report refers to a specific company. During the 2nd quarter of 2020, the database will contain about 100 major Russian non-financial organizations from more than 20 different industries.

The first set of reports for 8 companies related to the Metals & Mining industry is already available for purchase through the Agency’s website and through the Refinitiv platform. The Agency was in contact with all these companies in the process of preparing and verifying these reports.

Metals & Mining ranking for ESG report ratings:
2. Severstal
3. Metalloinvest
4. TMK
5. MMK
6. Evraz
7. United Metallurgical Company
8. Mechel